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1. Make Sure You’re Allowed to Lease Out the Property.

You need to check rental restrictions or any policy of the condo about the rental policy.

2. Do Market Research.

You need to do market research and see similar units and make that the basis for your Rental fee. There are websites that provide estimated market price for different types of properties especially in Metro Manila like

3.Take The Best Pictures Of Your Property.

To advertise your property make it appealing to the eye of the buyer, taking a picture will help to attract them. You should show what people can get and what are the inclusions of the rental fee.

4. Advertise As Much As You Can.

You should advertise your property online and offline. More exposure to the property more chances of occupying it fast. Use different online platforms and broker’s network to advertise your property and to get prospective tenants.

5. Open House Once or Twice A Week.

This would be the last option you can do. Make an open house to your property. To avoid hassles in viewing, you can make it once. If you don’t like doing this. You may hire an agent or a property manager to handle the viewing schedule of your client.

If you hire a property management firm, imagine how easy it would be to sell or rent out your property.

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