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Have you ever experience that Expectation V.S Reality moment and felt disappointed?


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Sometimes, food ads make us crave for their delicious products. But when we finally try them for the first time, we get disappointed. It’s because we get hyped up by the reviews and the ads that make them trend. But of course, there is no harm in trying them.


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Have you ever tried to chop your hair just because you want to be like your fave celebrity/ model? Then regret it later and realized that you’re just an impulsive person that chopped their beautiful hair off just to look like them. Oh well, almost everyone experience this too, so don’t feel bad about it. Realize that you’ve tried a new look and learned a lesson, think before you act, especially when it comes to your looks.


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Have you ever tried impulsively booking a flight to a place you saw online? Then you realize when you get there just how crowded the place is. You realize the things you saw online were the things they wanted you to see. They don’t show you the bigger picture. Well at least you got the chance to travel, but yeah not the relaxing vacation you were expecting.


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Every Pay-Day we get really excited and sometimes there will be people who will tease us to treat them. But when we accept, everyone will think that were millionaire. They don’t know that most of that money is already allotted to pay bills, monthly allowance. But of course, never forget to treat yourself and your loved ones, even in the smallest possible way.

On-Line Dating

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On-Line dating is so in right now. Sometimes we fall in love with the person we’re chatting just because they were good with words. Then when we get to the point where we need to meet them, they’re not what we expected, the looks, the way they talk, and their attitude. And Yes, THAT IS SOOO DISAPPOINTING. But at least we get to meet a new friend.


Of course, as a company, we don’t want you experiencing those type of moments. That’s why here at 81 Property Management, we’ll give you what you expect in reality, in our realty. Because with us, your expectation is your reality.

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