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In this day and age, technology has allowed us to extend the reach of our businesses. That’s why most companies today rely heavily on technology for faster communication and service. This is also the reason how we at 81 Property Management accomplishes such a fast tenant search with the use of 5 secret methods.

Property Listing

We have an extensive array of listings accessible to millions of online users.We do this with the aid of our website and other websites that cater to potential tenants.

Email Marketing

One of the ways on how we promote your property is through Email Marketing. With email marketing, we can update our network of brokers and agents which will assist us in finding you the best tenant possible.

Social Media

We also expand our networks by using social media. We adapt the latest trends available to reach a wider audience. This allows us to extend the reach of our listings to provide you with faster results.


One of the ways how we achieve a fast tenant search is our attentiveness to our online inqueries. You may contact us through our facebook page via messenger, email, or by calling as directly through phone. After receiving the inqueries, our leasing staff will be notified and will contact you about your viewing or concern.

Accommodating Staff

We have one of the best leasing team in the metro. They provide a Japanese like quality of service combined with the warm hospitality that Pilipinos are known for.


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