Real Estate in Philippines

Philippines has become a prime destination for real estate investors. Here’s why you should invest now!

Rapid Growing Economy

The Philippines remains to be one of the leaders in economic growth delivering positive real estate investment.

Good Rental Yield

The Philippines is one of the top 5 Countries in Asia With the Highest Rental Yields.

Real Estate Philippines

Long-term investment

Real Estate investment promises flexible and high value of long-term cash returns.

Promising Demographics

The Philippines’ residential property market is steadily growing due to the high demand of the rising urban population.

Market Demand

The Philippines’s property market is booming, allowing the country to be one of real estate investors' destination.


Your Partner in Profitable & Secure Real Estate Investment.

81 Property Management has certified propery managers by IREM in the Philippines, with more than 600 residential portfolios around Metro Manila and Cebu. We’ve been delivering premier property management services to residential property investors in the country for almost a decade.

Giving the Best Solutions for Your Property

Highly Experienced Staffs

Committed to Giving Quality Service

Certified Property Managers (IREM)


We Build Intelligent Property Solutions For Strong Business.

Inspecting & Punchlisting
Advertising & Marketing
Viewing & Tripping
Tenant Screening & Reviewing
Deal Closing
Moving In
Tenant Communication
Records Keeping & Database Updating
Accounting & Financing
Billing & Collecting
Contract Renewing
Contract Managing
Tenant Evicting
Inventory Managing
Legal Complying


As Front-Runner In Providing Real Estate After-Sales Solutions, 81 PM has prospered in bringing various solutions for all property investors such as the following:


Leasing Solutions You Can Rely On

At 81 Property Management, we dynamically manage and handle the day-to-day details of your tenant and property according to necessary clauses in the lease agreement. We have designed a systematic approach to our leasing methods to protect your investment, be it tenant screening, rent collection, tenant issues, maintenance matters, or government requirements.

Our duty as a property manager is to oversee all issues and aspects of your residential property investment.

  • Tenant Search
  • Viewing & Tripping
  • Tenant Background Check
  • Deal Closing


Making Your Tenant Search Fast And Easy

Want to grow your visibility? Our Web Marketing team will extensively work for your online and offline advertising arsenal backed by in-depth knowledge about multi-faceted property marketing plans.

  • Online Property Listings
  • Website Listings
  • Social Media Advertisements
  • Google Advertisements


Easy Way To Keep Your Property Rented.

We aim on keeping your tenants happy with your property and its operations to ensure trust and retention. Therefore, we strive to provide unparalleled customer service to satisfy your current tenants, attract new renters and bring your property above expectations.

Good tenant relationship is the essence of profitable real estate investments. It is the reason why we take time on learning their needs and concerns and do what is reasonable. 81 Property Management takes care of all your worries from lease contract renewal to establishing regular communications program, as well as appropriate measures in assuring their rental satisfaction.

  • Handling Complaints/Emergencies
  • Dealing with Maintenance Requests


We Make Your Home As The Best Home.

Rather than hire a third-party Maintenance company, you can be assured that our company will provide an all-in Facility Management solutions in the fastest and most efficient way. We won’t allow your property to be taken for granted. We offer integrated facility administration, architectural and engineering services.

  • Punchlisting
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Restoration & Rekeying
  • Inventory Management


Get Paid On Time, Every Time.

We understand how difficult it is to deal with your tenants regarding rent collection, that’s why we develop strategies and techniques in the collection process. We utilize precise technologies that allow us to smoothly track incoming rents and issue unpaid notices such as water, electric, and internet bill. Our collection procedure is very manageable and can be done in many ways, either through a credit card or through debiting their checking account.

  • Billing: Utilities & Association Dues
  • Payment Collection


Flawless And Transparent Financial Keeping

What makes us unique? We deliver comprehensive property financial and accounting services to help you measure and increase the value of your investment. We utilize proven digital system to ensure transparency in the control of funds. Our financial reports are complete and clear to help you monitor the financial health of your assets.

  • Budgeting
  • Monthly Payout
  • Documentation
  • Notarizing
  • Contract Management


At 81 Property Management, we promise that every residential property we manage will achieve its premium market quality to ensure that all tenants or property buyers will get a home worth the price they are paying. We do the homework in reviewing documents, acquisition negotiations, performing calculations, conducting inspections, and procuring insurance to lessen your burden in these time-consuming processes.

  • Risk Analysis
  • Full Check of Documents
  • Legal Compliance


Effortlessly Monitor All your Property’s Income and Expenses

At 81 Property Management, we manage to build a systematic method to keep every property operation organized. With our real-time reports and monitoring, you are no longer troubled by shuffling and reading a lot of documents to keep updated on the activity of your investment.

If you are living overseas and have no time to watch your rental property, you can easily observe it using our results-based report and monitoring system. You can effortlessly monitor all income and expenses; signed leases, maintenance costs, any complaints, records of repairs, inspections, and record of rent collection.

  • Documentation
  • Notarizing
  • Contract Management
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring


Register your Property Now and Get these Innovative Offers to Move your Investment Forward.


Long-term investment like real estate should be discern carefully. That’s why we provide consultation service for free to our clients assuring that their investment is safe and will be profitable with us.


If you’re a first-time property investor or looking for the best way to acquire profit from your investment, we will let you experience our owner’s system.


Our goal is always to find the best tenants & buyers for your property at the best price as quickly as possible. We extensively work on the online advertising on multiple databases to ensure fast occupancy.


Partner now with us and you’ll receive a free Courtesy Property Resume for your real estate investment.


We will move your property to a whole new level using our next generation 360° photo, absolutely for FREE.


Is your Property Investment healthy? Hook small property problems before they turn into big repairs with our FREE House Inspection.


To make sure that everything in your property, from its design to appliances and furniture are accounted for and secured.

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It’s more than just business, it’s about solid partnership, so here are the reasons why your should trust us with your property:

We listen to your needs and give you the best solutions possible.
We increase the value of your property and safeguard your investment.
We choose the best tenant for your property.
We provide extensive marketing.
We simplify and oversee your accounts.
We reduce repair and maintenance cost.


FAQ Property Management
The property management fee is only 5% of your property’s rent fee. Currently, our PM Fee is the lowest in the Philippines compared to 10 - 12 % of others.

Example of computation:
Rent Fee : 40,000.00
5% of Rent Fee : 2,000.00
+ 12% of VAT : 240.00
PM Fee: 2,400.00 / month
Service fee is also known as leasing commision. Service Fee is 1 month commission for 1 year contract, or ½ month commission for 6 months contract.
Rent fee is based on the property’s location, amenities, furnishing, desirability of the unit, market price and more.
Your property will be advertised on our website, high-traffic property listings, social media, brokers network and other digital marketing strategies.

FREE Property Management Seminar

We are inviting all property owners to attend our half-day seminar about Property Management, which aims to inspire and broaden the knowledge of every real estate investor. There will be lots of foods, drinks, and raffle prizes awaiting your attendance. Seminar is FREE of charge. Limited slots only.

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