Mission, Vision & Philosophy



It’s more than just business, it’s about family service.

For Property Owners/Investors
81 Property Management focuses on managing and protecting the maximum potential of every property venture through money-spinning and hassle-free investing. We aim to deliver superior, high quality, affordable and customer-centric service aligned to the best interest of property owners.

For Unit Tenants / Customers
We focus on providing our residents with more than just comfortable and affordable community, we create a culture that embraces hospitality and promotes high-quality living experience beyond expectations.

For Employees
81 Property Management strives to proactively encourage and support all employees by providing training solutions and development programs that will ultimately maximize their full professional potentials. We are committed to maintaining employees’ relentless pursuit of corporate excellence to ignite the driving force toward business success.



We aim above and beyond expectations.

81 Property Management aims to be the most successful, profitable and recognized property Management Company in the Philippines through a commitment to an unparalleled sense of professional and consistent customer satisfaction. We plan to be the premier provider of high-quality and innovative property management service using cutting edge technology that will redefine the loyalty of tenants and our investors.



Our Corporate Philosophy

The leading company will establish a better society.

We strive to be a company that will bring change in the society.

Therefore, we contribute to social prosperity.

Therefore, we value foremost the individuality of each employee and his/her family.

Therefore, each employee devotes himself/herself to work with gratitude to have full support for his/her family.

Thus, we operate our business to earn the trust and respect of our clients while leaving a strong impression on them.

Thus, both the development of our business and contribution to society can be achieved.

Thus, we, 81 Property Management, Inc., will establish a better society.